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Rafa apartments - Saranda, Albania
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Saranda Apartments - Polish hospitality in an Albanian atmosphere.
Since 2016, we share our lives between Poland and Albania, which over the years has become our second home. During this time, we have built an intimate network of modern apartments and established many friendships with Albanians and with our guests from around the world.
We have built our offer in such a way as to ensure full comfort of rest for both families with children and groups of friends. Each of our air-conditioned apartments has several sleeping arrangements and a kitchenette. The price for an apartment does not depend on the number of guests staying in it.
Saranda is a city full of tourist attractions, pubs, restaurants and taverns. You can choose from the menu of seafood, local meats, kebabs, as well as Mediterranean classics or pizza. The openness and friendliness of Albanians to tourists from all over the world is a big advantage. Depending on the preferences of our guests, we advise the best attractions, places for fun and relaxation. We communicate in Polish and English, and our experience shows that we can get along with guests from different countries. The great advantage of vacation in Albania is very affordable prices.
Spending several weeks a year in the vicinity of Saranda, we had the opportunity to learn about all its charms and secrets. In addition to the beauty of the beaches stretching to the north and south of the coast, we recommend our guests other attractions away from the tourist center of the city. Hidden beaches, ancient monuments, family restaurants in the mountains and by the sea, wine bars and oil mills are just a few suggestions for experiencing the authentic Albania.
For those who like to spend their time actively, we organize 4x4 car rentals, scooters rentals, jet skis rentals and night fishing trips. Rafting on the Bistrica River or kayaking at sunset can provide you an unforgettable experience.
During the holiday season, we are constantly close to the apartments. We organize transfers to the airport in Tirana, we help in buying tickets for the ferry to Corfu (Greece). We organize trips to beaches away from the city. Emergency situations are not a problem for us: a car repair or an emergency visit to the dentist - you can count on us.
Ne ju ftojmë në Shqipëri! – Visit Albania!
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